Arena en la playa


Just Imagine: staying a day at the beach, with your family or friends lying on the beach towel and doing what? Sand castles? Are these the holidays you have planned in Costa del Sol? If you really wish this summer to be totally different from others, learn about these water sports that we offer you in Costa del Sol to fully enjoy the sea.

In Alquiler Nautico we explain you all the alternatives that you have to make the most of that precious time you have and that is called vacation. We do not care who you have planned your holidays with, take advantage of any of our services for families, friends, children, couples, etc. With that huge and increasing variety of activities that the sea offers each time are you still going to continue making sand castles? You sure are not, right?

In this post we describe you some of the most enjoyable sports and activities you can do this summer in Costa del Sol, take note and reserve the one you like, whenever you want and with whomever you want. Here they are:

It is also known as “paddle surfing“. The origins of this sport trace back to the Polynesian and Hawaiian surf kings. You stand on a long surfboard and use a shovel to propel yourself across the surface of the water. Sounds easy, right? Watch some racing videos and you might change your mind. This is a serious training that will develop your strength, balance, resistance and, most important, you will have lots of fun. Different from surfing, stand-up paddle boarding (SUP for short) can be practiced in the absence of waves, so you can enjoy it on the beach or on a river. Get to stand up on the board after having a few dives.

Alquiler de Wakeboard

Want to try the wakeboard? You will enjoy this challenge. It also involves riding and being towed behind a motorboat with a board attached to your feet – in this case, a wooden or fiberglass skate, but with the difference that your feet will be attached to them. You can practice wakeboarding with any type of boat or even a winch. Once you get to develop a good sense of balance, you will be able to learn tricks, such as spinning and flipping the skateboard, even in flat water. Many water sport schools offer classes. If you wish more information to attend any Wakeboard classes in Costa del Sol, just ask us.

Flyboard en Málaga

The Flyboard is the newest water sport. The machine is a board under your feet with two powerful jets down that allows you to fly over the water, move under the water and also lets you jump like a dolphin and perform all kinds of tricks. In Alquiler Nautico we know that the Flyboard is much easier to operate than you might think. Do not you have any experience? Don’t worry; everyone gets to fly the first time.

Alquiler de kayaks

Kayaks are faster, lighter and more agile than canoes, and there are special models designed for fishermen. Fishing kayaks are currently ranked in the upper style and have space for accessories, like bait compartments, probes, etc. The kayak provides a safe and economical way to get to where there is enough to fish. In addition, the kayak is environmental friendly and quiet, so if you are not lucky fishing, at least you will have had a great time. If you want to try the fishing kayak, ask us about the kayak that best suits you and also the best fishing routes in Costa del Sol. Have fun!