Jet Surf

Rent a Jet Surf board in Fuengirola

Today, from Alquiler Náutico we want to talk about a new concept that we are going to introduce in our range of water sports, the Jet Surf. A new feeling of adrenaline.

What is Jet Surf?

We assume you’ve never heard of jet surfing until now. This new concept, it is a motorized surfboard. Yes, you read correctly, nothing more or nothing less than a motorized surfboard! This means that you can forget about waiting for weather conditions to decide when and where you have to surf.

From Alquiler Náutico, we wanted to invest in this new and unique model of water sports. We can boast of being officially one of the first companies to offer the JetSurf rental on the Costa del Sol.

What is the difference between jetsurfing and other water sports?

The JetSurf is similar to other board sports such as wakeboarding, with the incentive that in this case, the table in question is motorized. As in other tables, there is a front and a back. They are thicker in the middle, since this is where the two-stroke engine is housed that offers the ability to generate autonomous movements on water. You do not need waves, a tow line or a boat to mount a JetSurf. Simply your technique.

Like a wakeboard, these types of boards are composed of two fixings for the feet, which serve to turn or bend. On the other hand, the speed is controlled by a manual accelerator, which is tightened to go faster and released to lose speed. Speeds of up to 30 mph can be achieved.

How it is handeled?

In the first place, as in all types of sports with a board, you must know “in what type of direction you are”, that is, you are goofy (with the right foot in front) or regular (with the left foot in front). On the other hand, if you have never practiced any kind of board sport, in Alquiler Náutico we will give you the instructions and the necessary training so that you know how to perfectly maneuver a JetSurf board.

Once you have learned how to get up, we will begin to fine-tune your posture on the board and perfect your heel turns. When you have already incorporated all these techniques, you can give gas to your board and sail the beaches of Fuengirola as God intended.

Finally, if what you are looking for is to spend a unique summer on the Costa del Sol, we invite you to visit our website and choose the type of adventure that you like the most. Rent boats, boats, wakeboards, jet skis, seabod and of course, our latest addition. The incredible JetSurf.