Alquiler de Paddle Sup


Paddle Surf is on top

The sport and the sea are linked with the summer, and that is known to people who play sports all year round. Summer arrives and with it the heat, and we want to continue practicing sport and at the same time to enjoy the beach. That’s why it’s becoming increasingly fashionable to do some exercise on the beach.

Water sports activities such as Paddle Surf are perfect to keep fit on vacation. This sport consists of paddling standing on a large board and gliding over the sea calmly, in addition to surfing all kinds of waves you become an expert. It is an easy sport to learn that is why every time is gaining more followers.

Practice Paddle Surf in Fuengirola If you want to enjoy a few days of sun, beach and sport on the Costa del Sol, in Nautical Rental you have the possibility to rent a paddle surf board. Head for the port of Fuengirola. Have a great time on the Costa del Sol, go for it!