Tips for swimming safely in the sea

It is already hot, the good weather has arrived and you will want to swim in the open air on the fantastic beaches of the Costa del Sol, we give you some tips to swim safely in the sea;

  • To swim only with green flag, never with red flag since it indicates that there is a very high risk, the yellow flag also indicates the existence of danger that can be from discharges, jellyfish, currents reason why in this case a bath is advised until the waist. Always look carefully before swimming or ask the local lifeguard.
  • Predict the state of the sea; Search on the internet or in our own web section with information on the weather. It is very useful to know in advance the state of the sea so it will help us to know the time and place suitable for our voyages.
  • Swimming in company; Is always preferable for what can happen, in the case of having no choice but to do it alone extreme even more precautions.
  • Swimming near the security buoys that delimit the area for swimmers and do not pass them so you will be seen by boats and / you will be able to catch you in case you had to be rescued.
  • Do not swim too far. Try to swim as far as standing upright.
  • Use a sunscreen cream, as we undergo a long exposure to the sun during the bath.
  • If the water is very cold use specific bathing suits to avoid hypothermia. Enjoy swimming in the sea without risks and follow these tips we give you from Alquiler Nautic.
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